Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Get Behind My Seitan! (Well Lamyong's Seitan).

As mentioned in my last post I've been craving crazy things like KFC, well today I pretty much stopped that by making some SF"C", Sarah's Fried Chicken, which isn't actually my recipe, but rather one that I stole from Yeah That Vegan Shit!, which was stolen from somewhere else, just like everything else on the internet!
So with my huge stash of groceries that I got in Hobart ( from Wing & Co. by the way) I got some Lamyong Vegetarian Chicken (which is vegan) and looks like this (after being cut up):

The lumps on the right have been cut into bite sized chunks for apricot chicken and the lumps on the left have been into 2" squares for my fried chicken, which looks like this:

Apart from being a bit too oily it really does taste quite good, and very satisfying!

And for those wondering the "raw" product smells like Asian BBQ chicken and reminds me of Vietnamese street food, and that's what it tastes like too, but no the texture is not like chicken, its glutinous (DUH!) and not tough like meat.

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