Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hobart Trip.

Lately I have been craving such naughty, horrible things as KFC, eating real animals! Of course I have NOT wavered and given in to such a deplorable temptation, even though I have been particularly lazy and uninspired lately and it would have been easy, I just knew it wasn't worth it!
Well this weekend just gone I went down to Hobart to visit with my friend that I mentioned in my previous post. Well the beautiful Tahlia lives nice and close to an Asian grocer, and even though I have the same one here in Launceston, I very rarely get time to go there. So I figured I would stop in and stock up, and that's exactly what I did!

I stocked up on seitan, dumplings (as when I tried making them it was a huge fail after a huge effort!), tofu puffs, panko and some pastes. So happy about this!! My freezer is packed so tightly and I've had to put things in the fridge and try to figure out how to use it all before it goes bad.

Whilst in Hobart I got to try a couple of Asian vego eateries one of which, Mo Mo Bubble Tea and Coffee House, I had been desperate to try, and found it was alright, but not as good I had hoped. The other one Thai Veggie Hut, located in the Bank Arcade off Liverpool Street, but that website shows a whole different building at a different address, but the take away menu was the same as the hole in the wall we visited. Anyway, the food there was GREAT! I had "Triple Delight" which consisted of mock chicken in a clear sauce with snow peas, mock beef with mushrooms in a slightly peppery brown sauce, crispy roast duck slices (my fave!) and steamed white rice. I meant to take a photo of my food, but forgot :( This dish was SOO good and yummy though, and totally helped with all my horrible rotting flesh cravings!

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