Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fostering Is Fun!

I have been sooo busy lately camping, house painting, learning how to sew and fostering kittens, this all means that my guitar lessons, cooking and blogging have taken a very big back seat!
In case you didn't know I work at my local RSPCA as an animal care attendant. Most of my  work is in the cattery with the occasional kennel shift thrown in the mix.

One of the perks of working (or volunteering) in the shelter is that you get the opportunity to foster some little babes that otherwise might no have a chance. I just wanted to share with you a few pics of my latest foster babies (partly so you don't start to think that I don't like blogging!).

I had 5 kittens for about 8 weeks until they got nice and "fat" and healthy. their names were: Eenie, Menie, Minie, Moe and Cherub. Originally there was only 4 and then Cherub got pushed into the mix as well :)

This little cutie is "Eenie" a very sweet tabby and white male.
This is his sister "Menie" also tabby and white and very sweet, but more independent.
 And this is "Cherub" trying very hard to suckle off my gorgeous Pomeranian, Meg.

When I first got the babies home they all had a slight touch of flu and through Meg's constant cleaning of their faces and all the TLC she gave them they fought it off! I truly believe that if Meg didn't help me care for them the way she did we would have gone through a lot of antibiotics. If she had of ever had the chance to bredd I think she would of made an amazing mother!

Back to the kittens. Moe got adopted after only being back in the shelter for 2 hours!! Menie and Minie went within a day or 2 and last I heard Cherub and Moe were still at the shelter, hopefully by the time I go back to work they will have found their forever homes as well.

It really is a very rewarding experience being a foster carer, although there is some chores involved it is also very fun just playing and spending time with the babies. At the moment the RSPCA is calling out for foster carers, so if it's something you thing you could do give your local shelter a call, I'm sure they would be glad to get you on board.


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