Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Piecing Everything Together.

Now that Vegan SJ is on Facebook as well I am trying to finally get around to old photos and blog posts. I'm going to cheat with this one though and send you to a link instead. VeganYumYum. Here is where you will find the tastiest little vegan doughnuts I have come across. They are so cakey and donughty and healthier than the real thing because they are baked.
Hubby and I were so naughty the night I made these that they became our dinner, non-vegan hubby likes silly dinners sometimes. They were just too damn good to resist, all hot and covered in cinnamon sugar.
Due to not having a doughnut pan as I haven't gotten around to getting one off Ebay yet, I used a mini muffin/cupcake pan and called the dough-nots!

You can't have just 1, trust me!


  1. OMG Chris, they really, REALLY were! Last week I made them into actual doughnuts, but for some reason they just weren't as good. I think that means I'll just have to keep trying :P