Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Spot of Autumn Cleaning.

I've recently been thinking that I need some new Tupperware, but on further inspection of my pantry I soon figured out that was not the case! I am disgustingly ashamed with myself at the state my cupboards were in, I even found containers full of dried lentils and chickpeas that I bought, and thought I had used, a year ago!I also found a heap of old glass jars from things like pasta sauce, I thought they we all currently being used or that I had run out, evidently not. I have decided to recycle these for storing my lentils in, as they are glass they won't absorb that horrible plasticy smell that my other containers leech out, plus it will stop me buying more than I can use! 
I have a spice rack, but it too is a mess, I have always bought my spices in glass jars, which I always throw in the recycling bin when done. Recently, though, I bought reusable glass jars that I just label and refill as I need too. I think they look a lot cuter than the little bottles you get at the supermarket.

I finally have total order in my pantry and hubby has been threatened with pain of death if he ruins said order, so we came up with the OCD-sounding idea of labeling the shelves, lets hope it works!!

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