Monday, 18 July 2011

40 Hour Famine 2011

One thing I love about my veganism is that it is a choice. I have chosen which foods I will and won't eat, I have that luxury, many don't!
We all know what a horrible problem world hunger is, we can't turn on the news without seeing images of Africa's food crisis, and that's just Africa, poverty is EVERYWHERE!!! The images I see from my beautiful, warm house whilst I'm eating dinner sadden me deeply so I want to make a contribution to help people far less fortunate than I.
So when I found out that one of my beautiful friends is doing the 40 Hour Famine (held from 8pm Friday August 19th - 12pm Sunday August 21st) this year, but she is giving up her phone instead of food, which is a MASSIVE deal for her, it got me thinking. What could I give up?
I knew I couldn't give up food because my job is very physical and I work on Saturdays.
So I got onto the 40 Hour Famine website to check out the rules. It turns out I can go without food because I don't have to do it the same time as everybody else, I can postpone it for 24 hours.
So that means that from 8pm Saturday August 20th until 12pm Monday August 22nd I will be fasting. However I will not just be going on a food fast, I will also go without my iPhone, landline phone and my computers!

NO Twitter
NO Facebook
NO Blogging
NO iPod or iTunes
NO Texting
NO Phone calls
NO Games
NO Google
NO Cooking (Hubby will have to fend for himself!)
NO Food, except for barley sugar every few hours and ONLY WATER to drink.

I plan to journal on paper and then transfer to my blog later, I will read my book, do some houseork and only listen to the radio when I want to listen to music!

To sponsor me please view my Online Profile where you can make a donation using your credit card. It dosen't cost much to help fight hunger, everylittle bit helps.

Thank you.

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