Sunday, 10 July 2011

5 Month Vegan Anniversary.

Today is the fifth month of my new vegan lifestyle. :) :) :)

5 months might seem like an odd time to celebrate, but for me it is pretty big as it coincides with the purchase of my first house!!

Another great big milestone for me is the fact that since February 10th (2011), I have now lost 10 kilos!!! Meaning that I have now lost a total of 11.2kg since Christmas. I am one very happy, and much healthier, little vegemite, as proud as proud could be!

So today I am celebrating these milestones by unpacking boxes and cooking some wonderful vegan treats to share with my mother-in-law, who came for a little holiday from Wollongong, only to help us move house and clean, rather than relax!


  1. Congrats all round Sarah.
    That's a lot of weight!! Well done.
    Hope your loving the new house.

  2. Thanks Chris, I am very happy and proud all round, with everything, as is Carl.
    The only problem in this house is heating, and the shower head, all will be changed/fixed in good time!

  3. When we moved into this house Sarah. We used to go to bed to keep warm.
    A heat pump fixed all that!!

  4. LOL yes, staying under covers does help! I can't wait to get one or two new heat pumps, I'll have to get Mr. Chris's work place details off you, soon!